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1. What's .... name?

2. We're Dutch. We're ... Amsterdam.

3. Jane's .... nice and polite.

4. .... a light?

5. Molly ..... usually come by taxi.

6. They ..... at work last week.

7. What .....you say?

8. Why ..... laughing?

9. Where ..... to go sailing next summer?

10. ..... never been to the opera before.

11. Patek watches ..... in Switzerland.

12. Where ..... when they first met?

13. If ..... I'll ask him why he did it.

14. What ..... since you lost your job.

15. Wine ..... made in Greece for thousands of years.

16. My husband ..... live in Portugal.

17. If I ..... I would go out more.

18. I was very ..... in that strange story.

19. You ..... come if you’re too busy.

20. I ..... meet you tomorrow, I'm not sure.

21. ..... is no good for you.

22. I ..... told him if I had known he was the owner of the hotel.

23. He ..... living there for three years before they met again.

24. I wish you ..... all the time.

25. By the time you arrive .....

26. The castle .....built in the 16th century.

27. Don't forget ..... me a chocolate bar.

28. Whenever there was a visitor, the dog ..... to the door.

29. He is an executive in .....

30. Peter sold his car ..... save money.

31. He advised me ..... the doctor.

32. I ..... travelling by bus.

33. He didn't come last night. I wish that he...

34. I am going to a wedding. I need to .....

35. Which would you ..... have, gold or silver?

36. My sister has been in hospital. I wonder how she .....

37. The man said he did not ..... to go by bus.

38. Although he confessed to the crime, the judge did not let the boy .....

39. I've never ..... that word before.

40. The student could not answer the question, so he .....

41 Which of the following words does NOT describe marital status?

42 People have got ten _ in their feet.

43 She's got long hair and she wears it in a _.

44 Which of the following words is opposite in meaning to the remaining three?

45 Which of the following words is opposite in meaning to the remaining three?

46 Which of the following is not a kind of underwear?

47 Emily's very _. She understands how other people feel.

48 Chris is quite _. He doesn't communicate vey willingly.

49 Lenny's rather _. Sometimes he behaves like a little child.

50 Mandy's very _. She goes out with her friends almost every day.

51 I respect _ people. I think it's important to tell the truth.

52 Which of the following words is negative in meaning?

53 I like Chris. He's got a great _ of humour.

54 If you go jogging you usually wear trainers and a _.

55 Which of the following is not a kind of shoes?

56 If someone has the flu he has an _

57 Which is needed when you are making an omelette?

58 Removing an ulcer requires a/an_

59 Bees produce

60 A skilled dog

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